Workshops mit Alyona Amber

Eine absolute TanzKoryphäe kommt zu uns in den Pole Heaven! Alyona Amber!

Sie beherrscht fast jeden Tanzstil und wird uns mit 3 wundervollen Workshops beehren! Hier findet jeder etwas!

13:00 – 14:30 – Contemporary Pole
Class is suitable for all levels. Class consists of contemporary dance style warm-up and learning of lyrical choreography – additionally will be paid more attention to circular and spiral movements. Choreography will incorporate lots of pirouettes and spins, jumps, balance and spirals. Similarly to Exotic Flow choreography will flow from one movement to next with some strong accents and points.
Kneepads and socks mandatory!

14:45 – 16:15 – Exotic Flow
Class is suitable for all levels. Class consists of all joint warm-up, preparations for work on ‘points’ and learning of choreography accompanied by calm sensual music. Choreography will involve whole body movements like waves, spirals, spins, pirouettes, simple tricks and floor-work. Goal of class is to perform choreography using flawless transitions between movements.
Kneepads are mandatory!

16:30 – 18:00 – Exotic Floor-work
Class is suitable for all levels. Class consists of overall warm-up of whole body while positioned on floor, learning of some hand/elbow/head stands, transitions between stands and learning of choreography with pole. Music is selected during class based on level of participants.
Kneepads are mandatory!

Wir vergeben für jeden Workshop max. 10 Plätze – also haltet euch ran 😉
Kosten: 60 € pro Person

Anmeldung unter [email protected] oder WhatsApp 01525 5832017

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